főnix aréna

Group A

28 November 2024
Sweden – North Macedonia
Hungary – Türkiye

30 November 2024
North Macedonia – Türkiye
Sweden – Hungary

2 December 2024
Türkiye – Sweden
North Macedonia – Hungary

Group B

29 November 2024
Montenegro – Serbia
Romania – Czechia

1 December 2024
Serbia – Czechia
Montenegro – Romania

The Főnix Arena – which underwent renovation in 2021 – has been one of Hungary’s most used facilities for cultural and sporting events since its opening. The arena’s floor is surrounded by a retractable tribune system on all sides and has excellent facilities. The arena is connected to the neighbouring Imre Hódos Sports Hall via an underground passage, so it can be used for training and warm-ups during major events. The arena has also hosted the Women’s Handball European Championship in 2004 and 2014, while several musicans have performed here (e.g. Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams, Lenny Kravitz, Sting).




2 groups, Main Group, 24 matches

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary and it has even played the role of capital city in historical periods. Today, it is the capital of the Northern Great Plain region of the country. The “Calvinist Rome” is nowadays most popular for its blossoming culture, superb higher education, and bustling international student life. The city, rich in monuments as well as modern buildings, shopping streets, pubs, and cafes, attracts a lot of attention for its internationally renowned events, too.

Debrecen is a green city where nature is within reach. Besides the intimate parks of the historic city center, Debrecen is home to the Great Forest voted Hungary’s most beautiful forest. The pleasant park within the forest is a well-built resort center with lots of recreational opportunities including a zoo, an amusement park, a botanical garden, a stadium, and a spa complex called Aquaticum with a medicinal thermal bath, an indoor aquapark, medical and wellness facilities, and Hungary’s most modern outdoor aquapark. The Great Forest is a popular venue of festivals including the Campus Festival at the end of July each year. Apart from music programs, the festival also offers sports events, movie screenings, and science and arts shows.




461,7 km²

Debrecen has proven multiple times in the past few years that it is able to host the best athletes in the world in all kinds of sports such as gymnastics, ice hockey, swimming, athletics, skating and last but not least, handball. Its first division women’s teams play in the European Cup and before a full house each time.

The city has hosted more than 50 international sporting events over the past two decades, such as the European Women’s Handball Championships in 2004 and 2014, the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships in 2013, and the World Aquatics Championships in 2022.



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